Bucking Bronco

As a kid my folks took us to the Sidney Iowa Rodeo every summer. Sidney’s a town of 1,085, just up the road a piece from where I grew up. Their rodeo is on the national championship rodeo circuit, drawing thousands of cowboys and rodeo fans from across the country every summer for 97 years.sydney rodeo

My favorite part was always bronc riding. I liked to watch the horses buck and the cowboys flailing around on their backs.

Guys, if we’re real honest, we’re just like those rodeo broncs sometimes, aren’t we?

We don’t like anybody jerking us around. We don’t like anybody riding our backs. We want to be free to run things ourselves. Right?

When those young rodeo broncos need taming, cowboys have to keep riding their backs until the broncos are. . .hear this guys . . .until they are BROKEN!

God is shaping and molding us into the men of God He wants us to be. But until we are broken, we may not pay Him any attention, or we may continue bucking. If we do, He’s not getting off. He’s going to keep riding and prodding until we decide to put away our bucking, rebellious ways and trust Him.

Life’s a lot nicer ride when God’s walking with us instead of riding us.


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