Quantum Physics

I don’t have a clue what quantum physics is. I have to use dictionary.com just to spell quantum right. When I see a picture of earth from 3.7 trillion miles away, I have to stop and think how many zeros in a trillion. And how in the world did we build a rocket that could travel that far? All I know about DNA molecules is that we have them and they’re real small.

Thank Almighty God I don’t have to figure any of that stuff out. Whether you’re a trillionpale blue dot miles away or charting the microscopic landscape of the human body, God created a pretty complex universe.

God gifted some folks with the curiosity and ambition to discover what makes the universe tick. More power to them. But not me.

As scientists discover more about God’s universe, they discover more about Almighty God who created it. I believe God made His universe beautiful, vast and complex so we don’t have to know everything. So we don’t have to worry about how it all works and fits together.you may also like

I think God wants me to trust Him. I believe He wants me to remain in awe of His unfathomable creation. He wants me to keep discovering His creation and all its complexities as He reveals them to me. I relish discovering who God is as He reveals Himself and His universe to me every day.


5 thoughts on “Quantum Physics

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  2. Amen. I’m not a quantum physics expert either but I love hearing about how it works. It’s actually a science that is discovering the spiritual realm (they would call non-local). And they don’t mean something so small you can’t see it, they mean another dimension altogether! Hebrews 11:3 agrees. By faith the world we see is framed by the world we don’t see. Phil Mason wrote a great book to show this relationship (written for non-scientists), called “Quantum Glory.” It’s fascinating stuff. God’s creation is a LOT more amazing than we will ever comprehend.


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