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Living As The Whole Person I Already Am

Editor’s Note: Sparrow Girl is one of my favorite online bloggers. She has this identity in Christ thing down pat. This is a post she wrote last week. I want to share it with you. Be blessed and enjoy.

By Sparrow Girl
Blogger at Under The Waterfall of Grace

I can live a whole and full life, because I already am whole and full!

For so long I have seen myself as ‘messed up’ and therefore needing to be repaired.  I was always thinking there was something wrong with me.  I was always thinking I had so far to go, that I was still ‘not there yet,’ wherever ‘there’ is!

But God has been showing me that not only does He love me with all my so-called, flaws, fears, issues, struggled, mess-up places and failures, that those things are not the real me anyway!  Those things, even the thoughts and feelings I have, are not the deepest thing about me and don’t define me at all!

I am not what I’m thinking, I am not what I’m feeling, I am not what I’m doing…I am who I am BEING, and I am always being a precious child of God, a Spirit-self, one with God, pure, free, holy, loving, carefree, open-hearted, genuine, perfect, happy, and WHOLE!

I am not needing to be fixed or work through my issues or be changed, improved or made better.  I am fine as is, I am whole deep inside and always have been!  My life is that of a whole, complete, intact person who is not lacking or flawed in any way!

Jesus came to reveal and release this inward whole person that has always been our true and real core self!  This is the ‘very good’ creation God made, in His image of goodness, purity and love, connected with Him and having only pure desires, thoughts and ways!   This very good self simply IS, and nothing can change that!  Not any failure, confusion, calamity, struggle, lie, illusion, doubt, fear or hurt can change my core Spirit self made in His very good image of Love!  Like Father, like children, our spiritual DNA never can be changed or eliminated, oh what a relief!  Jesus came to show this, He came to collect the long lost children of the King, the rightful heirs, from the land of confusion and distress where they had been held prisoner in a fog of confusion, enslavement and lies as to their true identity and parentage!  He freed us and brought us home to ourselves inside, to knowing ourselves within and also knowing our Father within in perfect family relationship!  Those blood ties, those family bonds, could never be broken, no matter what lies were told us, no matter what crazy things we thought about ourselves or what crazy ways we acted in response to such lies and thoughts!

Praise God we can never stop being His created children, in His image of love!  Thank God that we can never change who our father is or whose child we are!
Hallelujah that we have never been anything other than His beloved and holy and WHOLE children, Spirit beings at our core, full of the life and character of our Father, who passed those traits on to us!  I think deep down our spirits have always known, it’s only that our hearts and minds forgot.  Thank You Jesus for awakening the sleeping children so that we rise like ones rising from the dead and enjoy that lovelight of our Papa that has been shining on us since day 1!  It only seemed dark because our eyes were closed!  Now with eyes opened by His grace and love and truth, we know ourselves as we’ve always been, as He has always known us, and we feel the arms of our Father that have always been around us!  How wonderful to enjoy Him, to enjoy life, to enjoy being our true selves, the whole and intact spirits that we’ve always been, in a beautiful union relationship with our Dad!

I won’t tell myself I am messed up any longer.  I am the whole and holy child of God!  I am spirit, one with His Spirit!  Thus, just as He is, I am kindness, goodness, peace, joy and bliss!  I am gentleness, sweetness, light and love!  Whole, not broken or needing to be fixed!  Perfect, not flawed or inadequate!

Whole and perfect and good!  That’s who I am!  Just like my Papa!

Read more of Sparrow Girl’s wonderful writing over at Under The Waterfall of Grace.

2 thoughts on “Living As The Whole Person I Already Am

  1. His eye ison the Sparrow, and according to scripture, God is aware of every Sparrow that falls. This particular Sparrow Girl has a refreshingly upbeat, optimistic, assurance of who she is, and was willing to share it with the world. Her words should serve as encouragement to many of us who keep kicking ourselves for our inadequacies. Thanks for a real day brightener!


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