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Grace = Rest!

Editor’s Note: “Sparrow Girl” is one of my favorite blogging friends. We are both on the same page spiritually as far as our true identity in Christ. We refer to our spiritual connection as the Exchanged Life. You can read more of Sparrow Girl’s amazing posts on her blog at:

By Sparrow Girl
Grace means that we can breathe a sigh of relief, get off the endless merry-go-round of seeking, works and struggle…and rest!

We don’t have to do anything..don’t have to get anything..don’t have to become anything…We already ARE!

We already are who we have always wanted to be, where we always wanted to be, one with the One who is everything..everything!

We can!  Nothing is required of us, nothing is asked of us, nothing is expected of us.  We are perfect just as we are, and our life is perfect just as it is..with any inconsistencies, confusions, lapses, or contradictions..

Just as we are right now, just as it is right now, in this very moment, without changes a thing or ever needing to do so, we are PERFECT!  Perfect to Him, perfect for Him, perfectly with Him!

We don’t have to wait for tomorrow to have that special relationship with God we’ve been longing for and looking for..we don’t have to wait for some super spiritual state to come before we can have that deep bonded closeness with Him..we don’t have to wait till we’ve solved all our issues and made our life work perfectly before we can REALLY have the good life with God..the good life with God is NOW!  And we are already all we seek to be, already at the place we long to be – IN HIM!

For a brief summary of the Exchanged Life click here.  To read more of Sparrow Girl’s posts, click here.

Tomorrow’s post is very special. I know you’ll be blessed. I hope to see you then.
God bless.

3 thoughts on “Grace = Rest!

  1. Every time I read a post from Sparrow Girl, I always feel better about myself. I can depend on that, based on her consistently refreshing positive outlook on life.


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