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The Carpenter

My dad was a carpenter. By trade he was a florist. But he could build almost anything. I asked him once to build me a device to make square picture frames. He created one with boards and string that worked perfectly. Dad helped out a  carpenter friend of his at times. My dad built in almost the entire interior of our house, tiled our basement floor, put in windows, built shelves, cabinets. Anything we needed.

His raw materials: wood, plaster, sheet rock, cement, cardboard, glue, paint, dirt, water, metal, aluminum, Formica. You name it.

As a carpenter my dad fixed things or built things.

Yesterday I heard a reference to Jesus as a carpenter. And I thought, “How appropriate.” I don’t like admitting I just realized the significance of Jesus being a carpenter.

Jesus fixes things.  He heals the blind, cures the lame, forgives an adulterer and a thief on the cross, comforts the broken-hearted, gives hope to the hopeless, saves us from our sin.

Jesus builds things.What are His raw materials? Me. And you. He is building His Kingdom in us and through us every day.

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