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If I Had Hair, I’d Pull It All Out

I’ve been assaulted by satan’s impatience demon. It’s horrible. I’m dropping things,me1 losing things, bumping into things, making dumb mistakes, choosing wrong things, shouting at traffic, identifying stupid drivers verbally, griping to my wife and our two beautiful granddaughters, pouting over potholes in my road and more stuff I can’t even mention. Lots of my speech is not holy. Over the past few weeks I can not count the times I’ve had to confess to God language that did not glorify His name.

I’ve been praying that God would show me how I got into this impatience quagmire. He showed me pretty quickly what it was and I’m so grateful He did.  It’s something very personal I’ve been stewing over in my thought life. God is being faithful to continue prompting me. And I’m being faithful (so far) to trust Him and to do what He tells me.

I hope this gets cleared up soon. I miss that wonderful intimacy with Him when I meander down some worthless rabbit hole. When I start thinking my ways are higher than His ways I get in trouble every time.

2 thoughts on “If I Had Hair, I’d Pull It All Out

    1. WOW! I browsed around and read some and listened to the video. This is an amazing sight. As I was reading the devotional for today and the scriptures with it I could feel God’s presence and His peace. Really! I know you know what I’m saying. You are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing this link and site with me. I’m going to go camp out on it for awhile later today. Take care. Thanks for stopping by. Thank you even more for sharing this link and site. God bless.


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