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And You Read Your Bible When . . .?

11-14-2014 3-21-53 PM

When do you read your Bible? How long do you read? When do you read AND study it? Lots of church goers, Bible teachers and pastors urge us to read them every day. But a recent study by the American Bible Society declares that ain’t happenin’.

According to the 2014 study, the number of bible lovers equaled the same number of bible skeptics. The same study claimed only 45% of respondents could name the first five books of the Bible.

The number of those who consider the Bible relevant and meaningful is declining as well, the study says. The decline is due, in large part, to respondents in the 18-26 age group, according to the study. That group finds the Bible less appealing and important to their lives.

Reading about all that disturbed me. I wanted to do something about it. Should I write a letter to my congressman? Start a petition? Plead with skeptics? No. God let me know the best thing I can do is read my Bible.

I don’t like to miss even one day. I might miss out on something God wants to show me in His Word. I read God’s love letter because I want to. I enjoy reading and studying. I love those times when God reveals something to me in His Word about Him or about me. Those times are rich blessings for me. I love hiding His Word in my heart.

I can’t do anything about all those skeptics and kids between 18 and 26. What I can do is continue m steady diet of God’s Word. I’ll read His Word whenever I can. How about you?

5 thoughts on “And You Read Your Bible When . . .?

  1. I like to listen the the Bible every day. YouVersion has free audio versions of several different translations.A few years ago I started a plan to read the entire Bible through in a year. It gave me a new perspective and hunger for God’s Word.
    I have been enjoying more and more listening to even long books like Jeremiah or Acts in a day or two.Set yourself a goal. Using a plan helps me keep on track.
    Using a Chronological reading plan gives a new perspective of how different books are related to each other. — Try It! you’ll like it!


    1. Jonathan, thank you. Yes, a chronological reading plan gives me a hunger for the word as well. Thank you for sharing. And God Bless.


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