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He Missed The Light

no room

He was busy with all the guests in his inn. It was a crazy night. Busier than a lamb salesman at Passover Bethlehem streets were packed with travelers grumbling about the census. His inn was full. The inn keeper beamed. He counted all the coins in his jar again and dreamed of ways to spend them.

The knock at his door startled him. He opened it to a young man leading a girl sitting uncomfortably on a donkey. The young man pleaded with the inn keeper. “My wife is pregnant, about to deliver,” he said. “We just traveled 80 miles from Nazareth. We’re tired and hungry.”

“I wish I could help,” he told them. “But the inn’s full. I’m sorry.”

Joseph backed up and turned to lead Mary away. “Wait,” the inn keeper said. “I’ve got a stable out back. You can sleep out there if you like.”

The couple headed towards the stable.

The inn keeper closed the door. He wanted to count his money again. He got busy straightening up, sweeping the floor, singing to himself and smiling.

He was so busy he missed the light that filled the streets outside his store and the whole countryside. So busy he missed the commotion around the stable. He missed hearing the cries of a newborn babe behind his inn. Because he was too busy.

Let’s not get so busy with Christmas that we miss the Christ.

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