Ending Domestic Abuse And Violence

I am personally aware of the impact of domestic abuse and violence. I have never been part of an abusive relationship; but I have family members and personal friends who have. From verbal abuse and simple battery to homicide.abuse

Domestic abuse and violence are a scourge on our landscape. Unfortunately, the frequency and horror seem to be increasing, not decreasing. Fortunately public awareness of abuse, and efforts to stop it, are increasing.

Abuse is not a social problem. It is not something the government can throw millions of dollars at and fix. Abuse is a spiritual problem.

Psychologists, sociologists and counselors can blame violence on the breakdown of the family. They believe abuse may start when one person in a relationship feels the need to control and dominate the other. Abusers learn violent behavior from their family, people in their community and other cultural influences as they grow up. They may have seen violence often or may have been victims themselves.

All of it leads back to the widespread absence of dependence on and surrender to God. (That’s for a later post.)

As 2015 approaches I am committed to doing what I can to share resources for helping and encouraging victims of abuse and those already committed to helping them. I also plan to share some awesome testimonies from women and men who have lived with abuse and are overcoming it. I can help by sharing resources and the heartwarming stories of victims who are moving on in positive ways beyond their abuse and abusers.

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