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Slow Down! Slow Down? Are You Kidding?


It’s the holidays.

Stress is king!

What do you mean “slow down”?

“Take it easy,” therapists say. “Avoid stress during the holidays,” ¬†doctors tell us.

I’m sorry, experts. It just doesn’t happen.

During the hectic holidays, if I give up one activity, someone else gives me something stressful to replace it. If I’m honest, that goes on all year. Drop one thing to do, pick up another.

I’m retired. I volunteer for a few things at church. I have two granddaughters we see often. But that’s it. Why do my days still feel slammed with stuff all the time? Thank God for afternoon power naps.

One thing that always impresses me about Jesus is He’s never in a hurry. In fact, besides the time he kicked the money changers out of the temple, I don’t remember Jesus getting frazzled. He seems always at ease. Deliberate. Intentional.

How could He go through all He did, and experience all He experienced without getting stressed out?Rest

I know His secret. Jesus was always connected to the Father. He was always intentionally communing with God. Listening, praying, acting, obeying..

Never trying. Always trusting. Never doing on His own, always dying to His will and doing the Father’s.

That’s how Jesus beat stress. Oh, to be like Him.

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