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A Major Holiday Casualty

I can’t wait for the holidays to end. My birthday, Christmas, our wedding anniversary and New Year’s Eve all occur the last week in December. In addition we spend extra time with family and friends, special things at church, baking cookies, eating cookies, opening presents, cleaning up and more.

A major casualty at this busy season is my Bible reading. I feel uncomfortable and getBible reading irritable when I don’t get to read and study God’s word every day. I’m one of those folks whose life starts heading for the ditch if I’m not in God’s word every single day.Things start to fall apart, I make mistakes, I forget things (more than usual). It’s more than a habit with me the last few years. It’s like water and air for me. I need it to stay healthy and active and obedient and thankful.

A verse or two won’t get it. I need to read an entire passage or a whole chapter, And Then meditate on it, underline, take notes, read cross references, pray about it. Ask God to show me how He wants me to apply it in my life that day.

I haven’t done any of that all week. I’m dry. Energy depleted. It’s not that I don’t want to be in the Word. I do. Self-imposed distractions capture my attention, energy, focus and time.

My holidays end New Years Day watching college bowl games. So does my sabbatical from being in God’s word. Yeee Ha!

5 thoughts on “A Major Holiday Casualty

  1. I identify! I love the holidays – and football. I get so busy during November/December that my time with God suffers. I can tell because my patience starts to slip.

    I do take a break from blogging, writing, and do no “work” social media. That’s a good thing – I come back to those refreshed and full of new ideas.

    Today’s a new year and a new start! God’s awaiting!


    1. I’ve taken a blogging sabbatical the past two years, usually during summer. That is a refreshing break, like you. Have a great new year with God and may God richly bless your writing and blogging.


    1. Isn’t it a blessing for each of us when we miss being in the Word and long for that interaction with the Father on a timely and regular basis? Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. God bless.


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