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Living A Blessed Life


Are you living a blessed life? What does that look like? Step outside yourself for a moment and look in. What do you see? How does a blessed life feel? What do you do when you live a blessed life? What don’t you do? The Greek word “blessed” means “happy”. (We know “happy” relates to circumstances and joy does not. We won’t confuse the two.)

Jesus says we can live a blessed life. We can enjoy God and all God’s blessings in our lives when He becomes more important than us. When we admit His ways are better than our ways. When we become committed to follow Him. He tells us everything we need to understand to live a blessed life in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:1-12.

Jesus taught that we can live a blessed life if we have a heart full of Christ and are devoted to Him and Him alone. When we put the interests of others ahead of our own.

So when we look inside, let’s ask ourselves, “How much Jesus do I have?” Then ask, “How much of myself remains?” When we see that Jesus fills us and we are totally and completely His, there won’t be any need, or desire, for ourselves.

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