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I Had A “Nappy” New Years

New Years is highly overrated. It’s a manufactured celebration. Fueled entirely by a world craving self-fulfillment. It’s an excuse to party, drink too much, stay out late, act foolish for no reason, and hang out with obnoxious strangers.

Not me.

I watched football games on TV, munched on  Doritos and hot chocolate, putnappy on my p.j.’s about 8 o’clock, and took several power naps on the couch. When I woke from my last power nap it was after midnight, so I went to bed.

New Years compels folks to say they’ll eat less, exercise more, spend less, organize more, read their Bible more, be a better person than they were last year. Rarely do you hear of someone who remained committed to the changes they resolved to make.

I’m so grateful God never changes. He promises to be the same yesterday, today and forever. The thought that God never changes comforts me, especially when I’m going through difficult or challenging circumstances. When I’m sad. When I feel overwhelmed. When I sin. When I feel unworthy.

He doesn’t change. All His promises are cast in stone. Full of grace. Forgiveness. Mercy and a promise for a blessed life for those who live Him.

Hell be the same tomorrow. Just like He was on New Year’s Eve. Every day since the world began and until He calls us all home.

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