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Jesus Dismantles Religion’s Status Quo

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount dismantled the status quo of the Jewishsermon on the mount religious leaders. Their religious status quo was based on a bunch of rules, works and good deeds. Jesus taught that only faith could define our destiny and that living outside our faith is foolish.

Their status quo taught that happiness was about accumulating personal possessions and wealth.
In the Beatitudes Jesus taught that blessings come from being poor in spirit.

Living by the status quo meant not showing negative emotions. Appearing as having it all together.
Jesus said those who mourn would be blessed. His idea of mourning was a deep sadness and grief directly related to a brokenness that leads to repentance. He taught without brokenness we can not be blessed. The religious status quo turned a blind eye to repentance.

The status quo of religion was about being right no matter what. Jesus taught a blessed life was about being righteous and holy. That the evidence of our holiness was in our gentle and caring acts of kindness to others.

As we read the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew we understand something. What Jesus was teaching in His day can apply to us today. The ones who will truly be blessed in our day are the ones who live diametrically opposed to the rules of performance-based religion.

This message was inspired by a message from Pastor Gearl Spicer at One Heart Church, Norcross, Georgia

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