Are We One With God?

By Sparrow Girl
Blogger at underthewaterfallofgraceGod touching us

I always grew up with the teaching of separation and needing a mediator between us and God..there is even the verse that says there is one mediator between God and man – Jesus. . .yet now God is helping me see that verse in a whole new way, and understand that He wasn’t the one needing to be cajoled or brought to think favorably of our relationship, no, it was us!

We were seeing separation between us and God where there was none and thinking something had to be done to ‘fix’ ourselves and make ourselves ‘okay’ with God..when all along we were okay and not needing to be fixed! I am still learning so many things, still have so much to understand, but I am having so much more peace in my life now as this new awareness takes hold.

I guess it takes time for it to truly take hold when one has heard and believed the idea of separation for so long..don’t you think? As you said, some days we feel we need mediation, and I think He gives what we need..what a wonderful Friend…He will do anything for us, even to the point of dying so that we will feel our sin is gone (when really this sin never came between Him and us in HIS eyes, only in ours!)

He is the perfect older brother, isn’t He? Always protecting and affirming the deep family relationship we have with Papa! I want to understand this truth of no separation more and more, that there never was and never can be any separation between our Father and!


3 thoughts on “Are We One With God?

  1. No way! There would have been no reason for the Father to send the Son if as she states,”there never was and never can be any separation between our Father and us!” Jesus came to reconcile us to the Father because sin separated us from Him.” She, Sparrow, is completely off base to think that “if we just change our thinking” & “there never was any separation” between man and God. That, my friend, is false teaching.

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    • Hoosierdawgs, Thank you for your comment and continued interested in FHG. I have known Sparrow for several years now and re-blog her posts now and again. She is a kind, gentle writer who’s on the same journey you and I are on. I know she loves the Lord with all her heart. She can not respond to your comment, for some reason. She thinks it might be a glitch on her end. She asked me if I would pass on her sincere regret for anything she said that may have offended you. She said she never intends for her writing to offend anyone and she wanted me to apologize to you for her.
      I believe Nancy was saying she was brought up to believe that we are totally separated from God until our salvation experience. And the three of us believe we’ll never be separated from God ever then. She said she has struggled with the separation question since childhood. I think Sparrow believes, like me, no one, even the most vile, evil sinner, is ever separated from God until they draw their last breath. I believe sin separates man from God spiritually until salvation. But I don’t believe anyone is ever separated from God physically, mentally or emotionally. God gives grace to the just (believers) and the unjust (the unsaved). The thief on the cross was never separated from God. Throughout his miserable, sinful life God loved him as much as He loves you and me today. I don’t think Sparrow was “teaching”, so it’s hard for me to consider her post false teaching. To me, as I read Sparrow’s heartfelt words, she was being totally heart transparent and sharing how God is working in her life, and she’s at peace with where she and God are now. I urge you, hoosierdaws, to re-read her post. I suggest that you grasp who total impact of her heart, rather than focus on one phrase to characterize her. She admits, as I do, that we have so much yet to learn about God’s love for us.


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