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I went all the way through school with a set of identical twins, Jean and Joan. For someidentical twins reason I could always tell them apart, as early as elementary school. But most people couldn’t.

The twins sometimes played tricks on teachers and their friends by switching places or talking for each other on the phone. Teachers and friends alike got fooled. The twins not only looked alike. They had identical personalities, laughs and voices.

Unfortunately it seems as if the same thing’s happening in the church. It seems that many believers and the world are lookalikes. I know and read about folks calling themselves “Christian” whose actions and speech are lookalike’s with the world.

Has it become acceptable for church members to turn a blind eye to sin they observe or commit? Is it “okay” for church members to sin without accountability? Is it common for church members to hide behind the “I don’t want to get involved” excuse?

In the church today do we look more like Jesus or the world?

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15

8 thoughts on “Lookalikes

  1. One final postscript on this subject, it’s interesting to note that both Jim Tawzer and Don Jennings originally came to Shenandoah (at different times) to work for Dess Harding, who had yet another funeral home @ the corner of Center & E. Clarinda, 2 blosks east of the other two. Remember Harding Funeral Home?

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    1. Yes, I remember that funeral home and, oddly enough, how it looked. Thanks for the chat. I’m always delighted and amazed at your recall of events and people from Shen. You make all our conversations so much fun. Thanks again. And God bless.


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    1. No, Tawzer’s were in Sam’s class, Ronn. I grew up with Jean and Joan Lynn. Their dad was a plumber and they had an older sister, Becky. Wow! I hadn’t thought of the Tawzer’s or their family for decades. Remember their mom, JoAnn used to sing with a band in the area around Shen. Their dad owned the funeral home across the street from Hackett’s and Central School Thanks for the jolt, Ronn. Hope you are doing okay. God bless, my friend.


      1. I should have remembered the Lynn twins. Their dad, Lowell Lynn was our family plumber after W.B. Pancake died, and they were active in my church. Virginia Lynn was a nurse at Hand Hospital & Rita worked with her when she was very young.
        The Tawzers were a strikingly handsome couple and leaders in the community. They had Jean & Jann, and younger daughter, Juli. They owned Buntz-Tawzer Funeral Home many years, before it was sold to Don Jennings.

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