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Aliens Or Natives?

Peter begins his first letter writing to “aliens scattered” throughout the land.aliens Aliens. They did not belong where they were living. They were strangers, maybe outcasts. Do you think they were uncomfortable? Skeptical? Cautious? Christ followers, but perhaps fearful of the natives–those whose home it was.

Where do we feel at home? I love coming home from a day in class or volunteering and plop down in my easy chair with a good, warm meal and the TV remote. Then after a few TV hours, I crawl into my nice cozy bed for some wonderful sleep. I have great neighbors, a wonderful church, good friends.

But our creature comforts lull us into a false sense of contentment. We can never be truly content here, no matter how wonderful our lives seem to us. We don’t belong here. We may say we’re natives of a town or state or country, but we’re still aliens. We’ll remain “aliens scattered” until Christ takes us to His house. Where we’ll be natives for eternity.

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