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Rock Paper Scissors

rock paper scissorsRemember making decisions about stuff with rock-paper-scissors? We decided all kinds of things with that little game. Which team had to choose Fat Palmer. Who had to be “it” for kick the can. Who got to walk Suzy Childs home from school.  Who got to bat first.

You couldn’t cheat. If someone delayed throwing down, it was an automatic do-over.

As I grew older I made many decisions using resources as childish as rock-paper-scissors. For a time I read horoscopes, counting on the stars and newspaper advice columns to help me decide things. Then I discovered self-help books. They had answers for everything. I also sought advice from friends.

As I was going through a divorce I got counsel andPerry mentoring from my pastor, Perry Dalton. Perry was the  first person who didn’t judge me as I shared my struggles. He loved on me and walked along side me through some of my most difficult times. I will always be grateful for his love and guidance.

Perry showed me God’s amazing grace. Then God began His sanctifying work in me.  He is now the source of all that I am. He’s the answer to all my questions. God and His word are my rock-paper-scissors.

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