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Truth Or Consequences

Truth Or Consequences was a popular American game show in the earlytruth or consequences days of television. Guests were given a trivia question and two seconds to answer. If the answer was wrong the guest had to perform some silly trick or funny skit to win money or prizes.

The host, Bob Barker, would sign off every show saying, “Hoping all your consequences are happy ones.”

The show’s title leads us to an undeniable result of our behavior and choices. If we’re not living out Truth in our lives, there will definitely be consequences. And they won’t be happy ones.

Truth has become inconsequential in our culture. Politicians get around it. Newscasters manipulate it. Advertisers stretch it. Used car salespeople exaggerate it. Universities invent it. Children aren’t taught it.

Truth is relative today, they say. Not absolute. Truth is personal. Some believe, and tell others, “What’s truth for you may not be truth for me.”

Truth is not a concept. It’s not disambiguation,or a standard or fact of reality. Truth is a person. Truth is Jesus Christ. He is the way, THE TRUTH and the life. The only truth we need to know.

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