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Good People Don’t Go To Heaven

good deedsMost people want others to think they’re good. God is good. Heaven is good. One would think a prerequisite for going to this good place is to be good. We should do certain things and not do certain things if we (good people) want to go to heaven.

But good people don’t go to heaven. As hard as we try to please God and others, being good won’t punch our ticket to heaven. If being good is good enough, what does “good” mean? How good do we have to be? God doesn’t tell us. Is there a scale?

If being good gets us to heaven, you’d think a good God would give us some good advice on what being good means and how to be good.

What if we’re not good sometimes. What if we do bad things? Can God cancel our reservation? How much good do we have to do to overcome being bad to be good enough again?

See the dilemma if we think being good gets us to heaven? The only way we’re going to get to heaven is to die. I checked with the Census Bureau today. The mortality rate for humans is still 100 percent.

5 thoughts on “Good People Don’t Go To Heaven

  1. The only thing that gets you to heaven is accepting forgiveness from Christ after you admit your sins to God, not a priest in a phone booth, God. then all you have to do is ask Christ for forgiveness.


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