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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

mary at Jesus feet1

There was Mary. Sitting at Jesus’ feet. Mixing company with men (something women never did). Washing His feet (a menial job, reserved for rookie servants only. Never for the homeowner.) She abandoned Martha, and the cooking and cleaning. What was Mary thinking?

How contrary!

Mary crossed the line. She breached social boundaries. plundered the status quo. Martha thought it unfair that Mary left her in the kitchen. Martha complained to Jesus.

How did Jesus respond? “Martha, Martha. You’re so busy serving me to earn my approval and please me that you miss what being in my presence is about. It’s more about being with me than doing for me. Mary is doing the right thing. And what she has done will not be taken from her.”

Contrary to her sister, contrary to Jewish customs, contrary to her social role, Mary was determined to listen to the One who rescued her from her life of sin. To Mary, being in the presence of Jesus was the most important thing.

What is the most important thing to you? To me? Is it being in Jesus’ presence while we pray? Go to church? Serve on a committee? Or is Jesus’ presence something we pursue every waking moment, in our joys, our sorrows, our trials, our difficult circumstances?

3 thoughts on “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

  1. I have read this story numerous times and You opened my eyes to even more. Thank you so much. It did not dawn on me that Mary was such a trailblazer for women.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments and warm encouragement. Besides being a trailblazer for women, she chose being in Jesus’ presence over making other people happy. What devotion!

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