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If only . . .


. . .my husband would stop drinking

. . .I would have gotten that promotion

. . .she hadn’t been texting and driving

. . .we made more money

. . .the house were paid off

. . .she weren’t so controlling

. . .he would go to church with us

Lots of people have received grace but refuse to live out of it. They still live with shame and guilt.

. . .our neighbors would move

. . .the telemarketing calls would stop

. . .she knew what her criticism felt like

. . .they could walk in my shoes

Many folks think if their circumstances would change things would be better. We would be happier.

. . .I could lose 25 pounds

. . .my husband knew his best friend is the father of our new baby

. . .we had enough money to fix our leaky roof.

Lots of folks think their circumstances cause their problems.

Many folks believe their happiness will be determined by their circumstances. Even if they did change, these folks would still be miserable because they’d soon discover something else they’d want to change.

When Paul was dealing with severe and painful circumstances, God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient.” God’s grace was sufficient for Paul. It is sufficient for us as well.



5 thoughts on “If only . . .

  1. Interesting comments. You might be interested in my blog at word press. Talking to God with visuals @ word press.com. subjects currently listed are on Job, Esther, suicide grief and many more things coming.

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    1. Jan, your blog sounds appealing. But when I clicked your link in your comment I got a message saying that page does not exist. Is there another way to access it?


      1. Try searching for Talking to God with visuals on the Web. Then click on the suicide subject for talking to God with visuals. That will get you to my blog. My blog still needs work s far as others getting in it the usual way. Am waiting for someone to help me with that. Blessings on your work on suicide. Jan


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