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Envy, Madison Avenue And Me

envyIn Junior High I wanted to be just like Buck Stephens. I envied him. Buck was the coolest guy in high school. He had a cool flattop and wore “in” clothes. He walked with a jock’s swagger in his black penny loafers and white socks. Buck lettered in football, basketball and baseball and dated the head cheerleader who was also homecoming queen. He drove a new VW bug and shaved. And, he was a nice guy. The poster child for cool.

Buck was a natural iconic persona Madison Avenue advertisers like to use to represent their phony-baloney ideas about life. We’re told we have to drive the right car, buy the right suit, wear the right dresses, eat the right food, drink the right cola, and wear the right perfume to make the right impressions on the right people so we can live the right life.

All the advertisers in all the world could never truly convince people that their products and services will transform people’s lives complete with happiness and contentment.

But when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior He transforms us into completely new creations. Inside we are made unique with unique features and personalities and gifts for service. We are not like anyone else, nor do we want to be like anyone else any more. God is sanctifying us and making us into the wonderful masterpieces He created us to be.

3 thoughts on “Envy, Madison Avenue And Me

    1. Buck became a very successful business owner. I don’t know if he is or was a follower. He was several years ahead of me and I don’t even know his whereabouts today. It would be interesting to know.


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