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“I’m Doing The Best I Can”


Have you heard folks say, “I’m doing the best I can?” Have you heard someone frustrated with a job or a project say it? Or maybe you’ve heard someone offer this excuse for the way his or her life is going?

Some bemoan their life saying, “I’m doing the best I can and things still don’t work out for me.”

What’s wrong with saying, “I’m doing the best I can” if you really are doing the best you can?

Let me translate that phrase for you from a spiritual perspective. When you hear someone say, “I’m doing the best I can”, what they’re really saying is, “I’m operating out of my rotten flesh and not trusting God.”

The best we can do will never produce God’s best for us. The only one who can produce God’s best in us is God’s best — His Son, living in us and working through us as we renounce our flesh and surrender to Him.

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