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Our Thorns

What’s your thorn? Is it spiritual? Emotional? Physical? An itch you can’t thornreach? Is it debilitating? A weakness making you Ashamed? Afraid? Depressed?
We deny our weaknesses. We hide them.
Why? We want people to like us for our strengths.
Our culture plays to our desires for independence and strength. If we dress  right, eat right, drive the right car, reduce wrinkles, invest right and lose weight we’ll be happy.
The Apostle Paul possessed a resume full of religious accomplishments, Yet, he chose to boast in his weaknesses. His thorn was not an irritating itch he couldn’t scratch. Paul’s thorn caused him to beg God to remove it. He probably asked many times, but begged God three times.
“Nope,” God said. “It’s better when you’re weak. When you’re weak, I have space to demonstrate my strength.”
Paul’s thorn was a gift from God that caused him to realize something. We’re not defined by our accomplishments, our cars, homes or bank accounts. We’re defined by our willingness to acknowledge our weaknesses and praise God for them. It’s in our weaknesses that God will meet us with His strength and grace to take us where He wants us to be.

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