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How Dry Ground Speaks To Me

The sons of Israel went through the midst of the sea
on dry ground.   Exodus 14:22

Every time I read the story of the sons of Israel crossing the Red Sea I marvel that they crossed on dry ground. When I read how God delivered them out of slavery in red seaEgypt I am amazed. When I read how God provided for them and protected them all the way out of Egypt and into the Promise Land I am amazed,

Bible scholars tell us for two to three million Israelites to cross the Red Sea in one night, the parting would have to be three miles wide; and the Israelites would have to walk across 5,000 abreast.

The God who spoke the world into existence probably spoke to make the waters part.

Then, as the sons of Israel reached the water’s edge and stepped in, they discovered the ground was dry!

I like to imagine God telling His children, “Trust Me. Trust Me. The ground is dry. It’s dry! You are safe. I’ve got this. Just trust me. Just step out.”

I ask myself, “Self, why don’t you trust God more? You’ve read how He keeps His promises. You know He loves you unconditionally. You know His course is better than yours You know He’s urging you every day to trust Him. Trust Him.”

The ground in front of me is dry. My struggle is choosing to step out.

4 thoughts on “How Dry Ground Speaks To Me

  1. It’s a tough realization … that oftentimes our walk of faith imitates the steps of the Hebrews during the Exodus … especially the bad ones. So often we prefer the safety of the shore instead of venturing out into the deep … even when God had made the way. Very insightful Stephen … thanks brother!


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