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Oh, Ye Of Little Faith

Talk about little faith!

There they were, two or three million Children of Israel on the desert’s edge. They just witnessed God part the Red Sea so they could escape lives of slavery in Egypt. They didn’t know where they were going, or how they would get there. Grumble, grumble. Doubt. doubt. Complain complain.

God told them He had their backs. “Trust Me,” He said. He was about to provide their every need every day for forty years:

  • 1,500 tons of food each day. It would take two freight trainsmanna from heaven each a mile long
  • 4,000 tons of firewood and a few more freight trains, each at least a mile long. For one day.
  • 11,000,000 gallons of water each day and a freight train with tank cars 1,800 miles long just to supply the water, and that just to drink and wash a few dishes. Forget taking baths or swimming.
  • 750 square miles for a camp site each night. That’s roughly two-thirds the size of the State of Rhode Island.

Were they grateful? Did they realize all God did to sustain them and provide for their every need? Do you suppose their littleĀ faith was one reason God led them on a 40-year journey rather than an 11-mile direct route to the Promise Land?

Do you suppose their lack of faith was a reason all the Israelites who left Egypt died in the wilderness?

I wonder how my life would be different if I didn’t have the Children of Israel’s lack of faith so often.

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