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Did You Know You Are God’s Masterpiece?

By Mari Plank
Christian Life Coach
at Rhema Life Coach.com 

According to Ephesians 2:10, we are his workmanship created for good works that God purposed in us before the foundation of the world. Purpose and destiny were fashioned for each person before creation. It includes having a deep assurance of God’s love and acceptance. Do you know this?

Not theological information. Heart felt. Deep in the place where fear of rejection lies waiting to snare you. Deep in the places where we try and get God to love us through good deeds, religious acts.

We were meant to be a copy, portrait, resemblance of God and walk in intimacy with him and establishing his kingdom everywhere we go. God intended for us to be sons and daughters. Our identity, ability, and resources all came from him.

Genesis 1:31 states everything God made was very good. This is how God sees us.

• Acceptable
• Attractive
• Beautiful
• Excellent
• Good
• Valuable
• Worthy

It is easier to believe the bad stuff about ourselves than the good. I desire you will believe in your heart how much God loves you. He sees your worth and value. If you don’t believe, get into His Word. Rehearse the Word until you believe what He says. My favorite scriptures are:

… You are accepted in the Beloved, Eph.1:4-6
You are a workmanship created in Christ Jesus, Eph 2:10

Mari Plank is a Rhema Life Coach teaching Christian men and women to live every day
mari blankwith more freedom, power and joy when they discover their true identity in Christ. She’s the author of the upcoming book, Experiencing 4R Transformation, Four Steps To Freedom Joy and Power. Find out more about Mari and all the benefits her counseling offers at her website, http://rhemalifecoach.com

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