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What’s In Your Alabaster Jar?

There she was. Standing right there in the middle of the room. Holding heralabaster jar alabaster jar. The men came to feast and fellowship with Jesus in a Pharisee’s house in Bethany. This sinful woman in the town just barges in,  Who does she think she is?

Then she walks right up to Jesus, cracks open her alabaster jar and pours the precious, very expensive perfume over Him.

The men were outraged. “Who does that harlot think she is wasting all that perfume?” And, “It’s worth at least a year’s wages.” And, “We could have sold it and used the money to feed the poor.”

We don’t know her name, nor her sins. But 2000 years later we read her story of sacrifice and devotion to Jesus. Her alabaster jar could have been given by her parents for her dowry. Wherever it came from, it was her most precious possession.

They molded alabaster jars in Jesus’ day to conceal the contents. The only way to use the contents was to crack open the jar. Once opened the sweet fragrance filled the room. If the jar contained perfume, it had to be used at once or it would lose its fragrance.

She sacrificed her most precious possession to anoint Jesus. She gave Him her very best. Do we give our best to Jesus? Our worship, our prayer, our Bible study, our service?

What’s in our alabaster jar? What’s our most precious possession? Are we willing to sacrifice it, pour it out, use it up, to glorify our Savior?

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