The Truth About Suicide

jesus on the crossLast Sunday I had to convey to a parent the truth about suicide. Her son came to class telling us his mom told him people who commit suicide will go to hell.

We were teaching about the last supper and Jesus dying for our sins.  I asked a few questions to show this youngster the truth.

  • “Why did Jesus die on the cross?” I asked him.
    • “To save us from our sins,” he answered
  • “Which sins did He die for?”
    • “All of them?”
  • “Did He die for the sins you’ve already committed?”
    • “Yes.”
  • “Did He die for the sins you’ll commit this afternoon?”
    • “Yes.”
  • “Did He die for the sins you will commit when you’re 15? When you’re 25? 75?”  He hesitated on this one. So I shared 1 Peter 3:18 and Hebrews 10:10: ” And by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”   I explained Jesus’ death on the cross was full and final payment for all the sins those who have Jesus as their Savior have committed or ever will commit.”
    • He asked me if suicide was a sin.
  • “Yes,” I said. “It’s one of the top 10. Non-believers who commit suicide will go to hell,” I told him. “But if a true believer in Jesus commits a sin, even suicide, it’s already been paid for by Jesus on the cross.”

Sometimes we have to hammer home Biblical truth for the kids as well as some of their parents.

3 thoughts on “The Truth About Suicide

  1. Good points. The church has been tormenting families of those who’ve committed suicide for centuries. It’s terrible. The premise of this false doctrine is that you can’t repent from suicide. Well, if that’s true, we’re all in trouble! (Just make a list of sins you’ve committed on one side, then list the one’s you’ve confessed and repented from on the other. Which side is bigger? I rest my case!)
    Either God is not counting our sins against us anymore or He is (2 Cor.5:19). We have to make up our mind. We’re saved by grace through faith, not by not sinning.

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