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Read Any “Self” Help Books Lately?

I like to meander through book stores. I spend most of my time in the “Religion” section. Occasionally I’ll stop over at the “Self-Help” and “New Age” shelves to see what “help” I can get for my “self”.

Here are a few titles I found while I was browsing in a book store last week:

  • Finding Your Own North Star
  • Managing Anger For Dummies
  • What Would Buddha Say?
  • Mind Programming (includes a free CD. WOW! What a bargain!)
  • Create Your Own Religion
  • So You Want To Be A Medium (I need to be an Extra Large)
  • Crystal Healing (includes a free card deck)
  • Change Your Brain; Change Your Life
  • And how about this one? The Complete Book of Spells, Curses and Magic Recipes

I could replace a whole bookcase full of self-help and New Age books with one book that has all the answers to all life’s questions. Within it’s pages you can findĀ  the solutions for any and all of mankind’s mental, emotional, psychological, social, cultural, marriage, relationship, parenting, political, psychiatric, family or spiritual maladies.


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