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When Will The Rapture Be?


Could it be that our perspective of the Rapture of the Church needs rethinking?

Most people I talk to about the Rapture of the Church talk about it as an event down the road, when their grand kids have grand kids. Some young people who haven’t given their lives to Christ say things like, “I’ll become a Christian some day.” Or, “I’m only 20-something. I’ll wait till I get older and settle down.”

Many of us assume we’re safe for now.  “I have things to do before I make that leap,” they say.. “I’ve got time. I’m going to live a little now.”

Fatal perspective folks.

The Rapture could happen while you’re reading this post. It could happen while I’m writing this post. God Almighty is the only one who knows the time and the date when Jesus will come again to take us home.

No more prophesies remain to be fulfilled. Christ said, “It is finished” on the cross. His work on earth was done. It’s a sobering thought that you may have talked to your kids for the last time today. It’s disquieting to think I may not see my wife again (who’s watching TV now in the other room). until Jesus calls us home.

Here’s another sobering thought. We have friends and relatives who don’t know the Lord. Who have no eternal security. What will we do about them today? Do we wait to share the Gospel with them “some day”? When we no longer fear rejection?

4 thoughts on “When Will The Rapture Be?

  1. I don’t think that Jesus is going to rapture his Church before his people in Israel have restored their temple and resumed the sacrifices in it. This detail of prophecy has yet to be implemented.


      1. My comment is made in the light of some interpretations of Daniel 9:24-27, but this prophecy is very complicated and its interpretations vary greatly. It might be best just to ignore it or remove it, which would be OK with me.


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