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“You Don’t Know What I’ve Done.”

Do we ever suffer grief or guilt or shame because we’ve done something we think is horribly sinful, offensive or unforgivable? Do we think it’s so bad we choose to shove it down inside us? Do we avoid sharing with anyone because we fear rejection? Don’t we sometimes deceive ourselves thinking we’re the only one who’s ever felt this way?

So we throw down the gauntlet and hide behind this cop out: “You don’t know what I’ve done.”

Don’t we sometimes avoid God for the same reason? We’re so ashamed of our sin we fear God’s rejection or wrath?

When we tell God, “You don’t know what I’ve done.” His response is always, “Oh, yes I do.consolation I saw everything. I was right there.”

Then He will say, “And I forgive you. I love you. Confess it to me. Now come to me and rest in My presence and let Me renew a steadfast spirit within you.”

He’ll take us where He wants us to be. If we believe Him and allow Him.

11 thoughts on ““You Don’t Know What I’ve Done.”

  1. Good word. Titus 2:11-12…Grace is a teacher, teaching us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts. As a teacher, Grace also knows that there will be times when we fall short. It is at those times that He picks us up, dusts us off, and sets us back on course.


  2. Thanks for the article under the title “You Don’t Know What I’ve Done. I made copies of it to include in Bible study lessons I have ready to send to prisoners. Two of them are in for murder.
    Russell George

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    1. Russell,, thank you so much for your encouragement. I am praying that the prisoners you minister to will be blessed. May our Lord and Savior be honored.


  3. Nice post. I think of the words by a friend of mine, David Teems, “The nameless ache that haunts the memory.” What staggers the imagination is God can use even those times of darkness to help someone that is struggling. When someone is struggling the last thing they need is “super-Christian” to tell him how bad he is messed up. What he needs is a friend to tell him that they are imperfect also. Their mistake is not the end of things, it can be the beginning. Just ask the Apostle Peter. Peace

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    1. Wow! Thank you for such inspiring words in your comment. You are exactly right. Intimate friends we can be completely transparent with about our feelings and our failings are invaluable. God bless.

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