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Battle For The Spotlight

spotlightAnother political season is upon us. Soon the battles for the spotlight among politicians seeking money and votes will invade our lives. Those seeking power, control and influence over you and me will spew the same meaningless rhetoric in their inexhaustible scramble for recognition. They have to do contemptible things to get people to listen to them. They can’t draw crowds without it.

It’s interesting to me that Jesus needed none of that. He was not a public figure but the public flocked to hear Him speak. He didn’t promise miraculous legislation to solve problems. He just performed miracles. He didn’t promise laws to end hunger. He just fed the hungry. He didn’t promise to resolve health care reform. He healed people. He didn’t surround himself with wealthy cronies and intellectual advisers. He hung out with sinners and fishermen, the sick and down-trodden. He didn’t make lofty, unrealistic promises he could not keep. He kept every promise He ever made.

He never craved the spotlight. But He was always in it. Because He knew how to serve others in humility and submit His will to The Father.

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