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What’s The Goal?

Football coaches set goals. Sales people set goals. Business owners setgoal goals. Charities set fund-raising goals. I don’t set goals.

It appears the Bible doesn’t think much of goals either. Paul is the only one who mentions goals in a few verses in Philippians.

What is our goal as believers about God. It seems to me many church goals I read about today emphasize service to God.

We hear and read about churches and ministries creating new methods and evangelistic programs to spread the Gospel message. To save the lost. To train and equip missionaries.

Those things are all good, but do they miss the very heart of God’s desire for us? Is a deep hunger and thirst for God lacking? In the 17th century the Westminster Confession answered the question about the chief end of man with these words. “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.¹

Have we lost sight of the true purpose for living? I admit I often focus efforts and resources on things way less important than knowing God. Getting to know God more and more every day can be one of the richest blessing in life.

¹Christian Issues ©1968 by Roy Hession,pg. 4

3 thoughts on “What’s The Goal?

    1. Thanks, Patrick. That’s the main reason I stopped. I always set my own bar, thinking I could make things happen for myself. These days I’m letting God do all that for me. What a relief?


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