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“Religious Truth” Is An Oxymoron

Doing research for another post, I looked up the definition of theology in the Americanreligions Heritage Dictionary. The iconic lexicon claimed, in part, that theology was a close cousin to “religious truth”. Those two words are an oxymoron and mutually exclusive.

Religious” is an adjective, and in this phrase used to describe truth. Truth, however, is a person–Jesus Christ. not a noun. Jesus was not religious. In fact He pummeled the “religious” Jewish leadership and called them hypocrites who didn’t know God.

Truth in religion is relative. For instance, Catholic truth is opposed to Presbyterian truth. And Baptist truth differs from Jewish truth. Mormon truth doesn’t gel with Lutheran truth. Some even say their religious truth is the only truth and  if you don’t believe their truth, they believe you’re going to hell.

So, pick your religion, pick your truth. Unfortunately no “religious truth” has anything to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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