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Evidence Of “Religious Freedom” Oxymoron

Any time government involves itself in “religious” issues freedom vanishes. Indiana recently passed the Religious Restoration Act that gives businesses the right to refuse service to customers based on the business’s religious beliefs.

<heaWe're headed for a collision between "religious freedom" advocates and our worldly, quagmire culture.

Religious Freedom fallout
Gay rights groups are objecting. The ACLU may join the fray. The NCAA,mike pence headquartered in Indianapolis, fears the law will adversely impact all the state’s athletic activity. Some corporations are ceasing to do business with Indiana. Politicians are taking sides for whatever position garners more votes. Gov. Mike Pence’s approval ratings are tanking.

It’s hard to imagine businesses benefiting from denying services for “religious freedom” reasons.

Should a business have the right to deny serving gay customers based on its “religious” freedoms”?  Not my call.

We’re headed for a collision between “religious freedom” advocates and our worldly, quagmire culture.

To me, it’s a collision between law and grace–religious freedom vs. freedom in Christ.

Religion says, “We are free to make decisions based on our religion.” That may sound like religious freedom; but to me it sounds like bondage to the law.

Jesus says, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” 

I think some “religious” folks still need to learn what that means.

7 thoughts on “Evidence Of “Religious Freedom” Oxymoron

  1. It appears to me that the Religious Freedom law keeps Christians from a great opportunity to witness to those that are indifferent to Christians and Biblical Authority.

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