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More Evidence “Religious Freedom” Is An Oxymoron

This is a sad-but-true story about a church proving there is no freedom in religion.
LisaA long-time blogging friend shared an encounter she had with a large Virginia church. Lisa Kratz Thomas founded a re-entry program for ex-prisoners wanting to turn their lives around and become productive members of society.

An area church told her they would fund her program. Lisa, excited about the commitment to fund her project, met with the minister and church leaders.

These church leaders told Lisa they would give her money (and here’s the religious rub) if the parolees in the program would make confessions of faith and be baptized in their church.

No religious freedom there.

Lisa, herself a former drug addict, prostitute and ex-felon, excused herself from the meeting and never returned. Generous private companies, who had nothing to do with religion, helped Lisa fund her program.

What conditional love! What hypocrisy! What a religious freedom oxymoron! No wonder some folks today call Christians “judgmental, homophobic moralists who think they are the only ones going to heaven and secretly relish the fact that everyone else is going to hell”¹

No wonder some churches are driving people away, not drawing them in.

¹Andy Stanley’s video series, “Christian“, North Point Church, Atlanta, Georgia

3 thoughts on “More Evidence “Religious Freedom” Is An Oxymoron

  1. At first I thought you had missed the mark when you wrote that a church proved that there is no freedom in religion. I thought you were lumping all churches into the same category. However, after reading it again, I saw that you are right. There is only freedom in Jesus, not a religious institution that claims to know Jesus, yet walks contrary to His Word.


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