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Be Fruitful And Multiply

When God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden his first command to them was, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Genesis. 1:28

After Noah escorted the animals off the ark on dry ground, God’s first command to Noah was, “…be fruitful and multiply, increase greatly on the earth and multiply in it.” Genesis 9:7.

God is a God of multiplication. He put a seed in every living thing He created so the seedpitners3 would sprout and flourish and create more of the same kind.

He doesn’t expect us to settle in and rest from serving Him and loving others. When I retired I was looking forward to relaxing, traveling, reading and taking power naps.

God had other plans.

Circumstances I could never foresee led me to be a father-figure and “granddaddy” to two beautiful step-granddaughters.

Was it what I planned for myself? No.

Was it part of God’s plan for me to help raise those girls? Yes.

Would I trade one minute of my “retirement”? Absolutely Not! I’m loving every minute of the role God has blessed me with, at 68.

God is teaching me that He doesn’t want me to “settle down”. God planted this seed in me and wants me to multiply His Kingdom. Until He brings us home I believe He expects all His children to “be fruitful and multiply.”

By the way, that cute little fella on the right in the photo with his left elbow on his left knee is yours truly.

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