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True Sacrifice And Woman’s Wisdom

Every now-and-again we guys need to stop and laugh at ourselves. And we need to celebrate the wisdom of women. This story came to me by way of my dear friend, and mentor Richard Sudderth.

Eleven soldiers were hanging by a rope under a helicopter in flight. Ten menhanging and one woman.

The rope was not strong enough to hold all eleven, so they decided one of them would have to sacrifice for the other ten, otherwise they were all going to fall to their deaths.

They couldn’t decide who would let go until the woman gave this impassioned speech: “I will voluntarily let go of the rope,” she said. “I am used to giving up everything for my husband and kids. I am used to making sacrifices and not expecting anything in return. So let me be the one to sacrifice for all of you.”

As soon as she finished her speech all ten men started clapping.

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