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Do We Ever Get There?

When Isaiah realized the depravity of his sin and his vile condition, he proclaimed,sin

““Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!”Isaiah 6:5

Do we ever get there? How do we regard our sins and the sins of others? Do we ever challenge our own thinking about the sin in our life, or the sin in the body of Christ, or the sin in the world?

We seldom hear messages from preachers about sin and our depravity and thinking about sin in our lives. Many TV preachers and evangelists tickle our ears with feel-good messages about how wonderful and blessed we are.

I imagine Isaiah didn’t just rattle off this verse in casual conversation with his pals at the city gate. I imagine he was weeping and moaning, in the midst of excruciating and agonizing sorrow and regret. It was no easy thing to admit, no easy place to be.

Do we ever weep and moan about our vile condition? Do we ever weep about the horrible, painful price Jesus paid to rid us of our vile condition?

How often do we praise God for redeeming our lives from the power of sin that once controlled us?

4 thoughts on “Do We Ever Get There?

  1. Unfortunately, because of the ongoing erosion of current Moral standards once based on the Word of God – the concept of sin has become trivialized and marginalized to the point where almost anything goes: even in traditional evangelical and pentecostal circles. We either do not have, or fail to maintain, the Lord’s outlook and perspective on many matters both small and great. What seems nothing to us – like an unkind word or harsh comment about someone – is really, really, big with Him. And other social issues that are current and prevalent in our society are moving more and more contradictory to the Bible. But, no matter what the world, flesh, or devil presents, we know as believers that the Lord’s way is the only way for us – the Way, the Truth, and the Life – the narrow way which leads to life. And His Way for us is the very best – because it is teaching us to turn away from corrosive and harmful actions and influences which would ultimately destroy our life as well as others. Let us see sin through God’s eyes – not something to be avoided based on legalism or cruel prohibition; but warning and preventions based on His love and compassion towards us and others.

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    1. Amen, Mark. Thanks so much for such meaningful and spot-on thoughts about our corrupt culture’s attitude toward sin. Unfortunately, as you say, it’s creeping into mainstream evangelical churches too often as well. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments. God bless.


    1. Thank you, Bernie, my heart neither. It’s kind of sad we don’t weep and moan for it more often. Or hear a message from the pulpit about it every now and again.

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