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What Is Your Harvest?

planting growing picking harvesting3.docA season of multiplication becomes a harvest. The harvest is a celebration of the fruit of sowing. So, what are you sowing? What’ll be your harvest? A new car? Getting out of debt? Graduating your last child¬†from college? A new house? A promotion? A marriage restored? Victory over addiction?

Farmers are intimately familiar with sowing and their harvest. It’s a long way from planting to harvest.

I grew up in a small Iowa farming town. I de-tassled corn in the summers. My uncle was a farmer. When he planted corn in the Spring, a small bag of seeds multiplied into silos full of the bounty of his sowing. His harvest was the profit from the sale of his annual corn crop. His sowing produced a harvest that fed his family, paid his bills and raised three daughters.

Our sowing always produces a harvest too. But when we sow unto righteousness, we can have a problem. We sow best when we’re totally surrendered to God. We become branches. Then we allow the life of Jesus to flow and live His life through us, in us and as us to glorify God.

The problem we often have is our silos are too small. God has an inexhaustible harvest of blessings He yearns to give us. But we often settle for a few crumbs, when God wants us to have the whole cake!

Jesus said he came, “so that we might have life and have it ABUNDANTLY!¬† Are we enjoying the harvest God has for us? Or are we settling for something less?

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