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A Vacation Bible School Testimony

journey off the mapI’m teaching 4th and 5th graders in Vacation Bible School, VBS, at church this week (my favorite week of the entire summer). One of my dear brothers in Christ shared a testimony with me this morning that brought me to tears.

He said he attended VBS every summer. The VBS at his church was two weeks long. The teachers made them memorize one Bible verse each day, which he did.

When he was 29, he became a believer and Jesus became his Lord. He still knew many of the verses he memorized in VBS. He told me it was those verses that helped him, at 29, decide that following Jesus was the right thing to do for his life.

His testimony helped me realize that what we as teachers say and do this week, and what our kids hear and see us say and do, can have an eternal impact on the lives of the kids we’ll be with this week.

As you read this, can I ask you to pray for me and Morgan and Tyrone? That God will use our words and actions to influence our kids in positive ways and to bring glory to God. Thank you.

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