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What We Believe Matters To God

What do we believe about God? What do we believe about ourselves? What we believe matters to God.

Abram was 100 years old. Probably hadn’t made love to Sarah for decades. And she was barren, incapable of conceiving. God says one day, “Abram, you’re going to produce a son, and I’m going to make you the father of many nations.”

The Bible says Abram believed God and because Abram believed, “it was counted to him as righteousness. Abram didn’t know how God was going to do what He promised. But He believed God. From Abram and Sarah came Isaac and the promise and process of multiplication was born.

God creates life from death. From Sarah’s barrenness and Abram’s old age, God restored life and multiplied generations of fruitfulness.

As we remember the story, I have to ask myself, “Can I trust God to breathe new life into my dead-end career? Do you believe God can resurrect your lifeless marriage? Do you believe God can breathe new life into your finances?

God promises He can.

If He can breathe life into Abram and Sarah and make this centenarian the father of many nations, He can create new life out of any situation or trial that may be killing you.

Our job, like Abram’s, is to believe He can, then leave the how and when to Him.

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