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Where Are You?

What an ominous question.handsThat day in the Garden of Eden, in Paradise, God asked Adam the question that would change eternity forever. “Adam, where are you?”

That’s not a discovery question. It’s an analytical question. God knew exactly where Adam was. They had fellowship together, took walks in the cool of the day. They were in Paradise. Everything was perfect. God met every need Adam and Eve had. God was right there with them, walking and talking with them. Loving them. Blessing them. And they were with God.

The way I think about God’s question to Adam is like this:

“Adam, look around, my beloved child. Where are you? You’re in Paradise. With Me. You have no wants or desires I do not fulfill the moment you need or want. You don’t lack for food or shelter or companionship with a woman. Or companionship with Me! You are mine and I am yours. Completely!

But Adam chose food over faith. His way over God’s way. Adam changed eternity because he did not grasp where he was and what it would mean for the rest of us.

What if we asked ourselves that question? Where are we?

Are we walking with God in the cool of the day? When things are going our way? When the storm waves beat down on us? Are we lavishing Him with praise for where we are with Him? Or are we languishing in the quagmire of our circumstances trying ti fix everything ourselves instead of trusting God?

It’s always nice to know where we are.

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