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The Church Is A Mess!

messMany believers and non-believers alike have the wrong impression of church. They say it’s a place where a hoity-toity crowd of holier-than-thou, condescending, neatly-dressed, hypocritical do-gooders gather once a week to show off their new clothes, judge others and pat each other on the back for being “good Christians”.

That’s not the church. The church is a mess. The church is a place where alcoholics and drug addicts and prostitutes, down-and-outers and compulsive gamblers can feel the love of God without being judged. It’s a place where they can find acceptance.

It’s a place where ordinary folks dealing with dysfunction, unemployment, divorce, abandonment, homelessness, terminal illness, abuse, fear, anger, depression, anxiety and overwhelming circumstances can find support, help, prayer and the unconditional love of Christ. The place is a mess!

It’s not a place to be served. It’s a place to serve others.  It’s not a place for saved people to gather. It’s a place for saved people to offer their gifts and talents to help others. It’s a place where God’s children consider others needs greater than their own.

It’s a place to witness signs and miracles and the hand of God working in the hearts of believers and non-believers as well.

3 thoughts on “The Church Is A Mess!

  1. Oh, so that’s the difference between a church and religion … one’s a self-proclaimed mess being transformed by the hands of Jesus while the other is not, at least so it believes, being conformed by the men who control it … very interesting!

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