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The Truth About Lies

truth and liesMost Politicians and some public figures often act as if they’re above reproach. They seem to believe our naive, gullible society will buy their lies, cover-ups and excuses. And we do. We dismiss their lies and transgressions with cute phrases like, They get caught “with their pants down.” or “their hands in the cookie jar.” We assign them no shame, no guilt, no responsibility. They lie and cheat and think they escape culpability. They go to extreme lengths to keep their lies from being discovered.

The transgressors have stockpiled catchy, humble-sounding stock phrases that don’t fool anybody.

“I exercised poor judgment.”  No you didn’t. You SINNED.
“I made a mistake.”  No you didn’t.  You SINNED.
“I betrayed my wife, my family, and my friends.”Yes, by your SIN.
“I did something dumb, stupid, I goofed.”  No. You SINNED!
“If I offended anyone, I’m sorry.” Probably not sorry for SINNING, but more likely sorry that their transgression might lose them fans, or clients, or votes, or influence, or campaign funds.

The truth is there is only one path to restoration and a clean heart for any of us, no matter who the liar is or what the lie(s) is/are.

  1. Repent. Turn from the sin and lies and turn towards obedience.
  2. Confess the transgressions/lies to Almighty God.
  3. Ask all the hurt or offended ones for forgiveness.

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