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cindy and davidWhat started as a small scratch, a break in the skin, turned into a blood infection which turned into a rare flesh-eating bacteria, which resulted in the amputation of both feet and right hand of Cindy Martinez.

Cindy is the sister of a dear friend of ours, Danae Quintero and her husband, Pablo. Our families go to church together. I’ve been on a mission trip to Argentina with them. We’ve had fellowship on special occasions in their home.

Cindy is facing at several more weeks in the hospital and  possibly several months of rehabilitation.

Cindy and husband David met while the two were serving together in the Marine Corp. David is a police officer with the Gwinnett County Police Department. They live in the Atlanta area and have two small children.

Cindy went to the emergency room on May 25th, complaining of pain in her shoulder. The next day doctors told the couple Cindy’s body was shutting down and she would require emergency surgery to save her life.

Thursday, June 25th, just 30 days after her emergency room visit, doctors amputated her feet and hand. Doctors don’t know the cause. They are also puzzled that the bacteria took over so quickly especially since Cindy is in such good health.

Friends and family have established a GoFundMe page to help defray some of the hospital costs. Follow this link to the GoFundMe page. The couple also has a Facebook page to keep interested friends updated on Cindy’s progress. Follow this link to their Facebook page.

aimee copelandSome of you may remember Aimee Copeland, who survived the same flesh-eating bacteria three years ago. She cut her leg while ziplining and swimming in a Georgia creek. Aimee lost both hands, both feet and one leg to the mysterious bacteria. Miss Copeland has been in touch with the Martinez family to offer her support.


  • Please pray that our Great Physician Almighty God will heal Cindy and give her strength, peace and courage to face the long rehab she faces with confidence that God is in control.
  • Pray that God will protect her from depression and discouragement
  • Pray for David, who will have to be mom and dad and bread winner for months to follow. Ask God to give him favor with his job. Ask God to comfort him, protect him and give him the strength and courage he needs to face his family’s future.
  • Pray that God will comfort Danae and Pablo and their extended families who have endured, persevered and prayed for Cindy and David.
  • And pray that whatever path this tragic accident takes, for all the family involved, will be for His glory.


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