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Band-Aids On Cancer

Two loyal FHG followers’ commented on my post, “Say Goodbye To The Stars And Bars” last week.  Both their comments compelled me to write this follow-up post.

Here’s what my dear blogging buddy Butch Dean wrote in his comment:

“Removing symbols will not change bigotryanything…it would be like putting band-aids on cancer. The core problem is the need for heart surgery to cut out the hate and bigotry…only Jesus can do that.”

He is exactly right.

Ridding our landscape of symbols of hate and racial discrimination might help keep America beautiful. But heart surgery by the Great Physician is the only remedy for the hate and bigotry and gun violence prevailing in our country.

We can’t legislate it away. We can’t wish it away. We can’t stop it. We can’t ignore it. And we can’t  hope it will go away.

We are powerless to control it.

We are all at the mercy of Almighty God. Only God can heal our land. He can heal it. He can allow us to continue our downward spiral into apathy and anarchy. Or He can say to Jesus, “Go and get my children.”

I wish it were time. I’m ready to go home. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Band-Aids On Cancer

  1. Or, He may be holding off until His children share Him in word and deed with a few more. Let’s all be about the Father’s business. “Why stand around looking up, do your Father’s business till He comes.” (Acts 1:11 -DT)
    I plan to use “He Never Invited Her To Church” with my class on Sunday as we are discussing the book, Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey.
    Thanks you & blessings, bro.

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    1. Thank you. Use it however you want. The more we share the words God gives us to write, the more people hopefully will be as blessed to hear them as we are to write them. God bless.


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