God, God's Will, Grace, Grace / Mercy, Love

“Mom, Dad, Jesus is at the door.”

spending time with JesusImagine with me for a moment. If this were possible . . .

What if Jesus came to your house and knocked on your door?

What if He showed up at 7:30 as you were walking out the door for work?
Would you say, “Oh, Jesus, It’s so nice to see you. But,  I’m sorry. I have an important meeting in town. Can you come back another time?”
What if He showed up when you and your spouse were in the middle of a heated discussion about your son’s second DUI? Or about the possibility of your divorce?

What if the house were a mess?

What if after you all gathered around the dining room table, Jesus asked YOU a question: “What do you seek?”  It’s the same question He asked two disciples of John after John told them Jesus was the Lamb of God. They asked Him, “Rabbi, where are you staying?”  They wanted to know because they wanted to spend time with Him.

Jesus responded, “Come with me and you will see.”

What if Jesus said to you and your family, “I want you all to come with me. I will show you where I’m staying and we can spend the day together?”

Jesus’ question requires us to respond. How will we? Will we interrupt our lives and obligations and routines to spend time with Jesus? Or do we have priorities and desires that conflict with Jesus wanting to spend time with us?

Will we take the time to spend with Him? Do we want to? What would we be willing to give up to spend time with Jesus?

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